non fatti, ma artefatti

«non lo appunto per ricordarlo dopo, lo appunto per ricordarlo ora». Discarica di se non la realtà, che ha anche twitter.


To my mind, the thing that’s exploding into relevance in our era is not mass culture but the critique of mass culture — the Barthesian dissection of everything, no matter how trivial. This happens everywhere now, often in real time. And this critical analysis is often as vital and interesting and consumable as the culture it discusses. Consider, for instance, the way the TV recap has evolved into a nearly independent creative form. So the critical analysis of pop culture has itself become a kind of pop culture. We seem to be approaching some kind of singularity — a collapse of creativity and criticism into one.

A culture critic is, by definition, betwixt and between: not a regular consumer of culture and yet someone immersed deeply enough in it to appreciate its inner mechanisms.

Sam Anderson

How Roland Barthes Gave Us the TV Recap -

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